City Watch

They are the enforcement arm, security and military side of the State. City Guard brutality, discrimination and corruption are very common. Their job is to enforce laws, make arrests, SWAT teams for gang warfare, protect important people. To get any service you need to bribe them.

Nicknamed the Browncoats, the Roosters, the Yaksuckers and many other things

Usually equipped with:

  • brown canvas tunics
  • lead helmet
  • mace or sword
  • arquebus
  • horn 
  • various insigina for rank, regiment, etc.

In the past, all officers were issued a riding elephant, but this is now becoming quite rare. Some units ride penny-farthings.

possible names for ranks:

  • watchman
  • patrolman
  • roundsman
  • guardian
  • marshal
  • sergeant
  • constable
  • roundsman
  • lieutenant
  • captain
  • inspector
  • superintendant
  • chief comissioner 

City Watch

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