• Industrial renaissance
  • Pneumatic tubes
  • Semanet
  • “water engines” and hydraulic gear pumps, which actually use sewage (because clean water is precious commodity), using black powder to make a vacuum that sucks the liquid (internal combustion engine)
  • Reversible crank mechanisms
  • Coal mining
  • Anything Leonardo Da Vinci drew plans for
  • Age of Discovery sailing technology, sextants, navigation and cartography


  • Zip-lines
  • Pulley elevators
  • Parachutes
  • Hang gliders
  • Primitive flying machines and personal helicopters (somewhat dangerous, still buggy)
  • Fireman pole
  • Rickshaw taxis on rails



  • Wood, fairly rare (from newly discovered islands that are raped)
  • Yak products: wool, leahter, rope, rugs, rug walls (common)
  • Elephant products: ivory (very rare, luxury item now)
  • Coal as fuel (very common)
  • Other mining resources and products: iron, wrought iron, steel (common)
  • Lead for plumbing, pipes, bullets, cosmetics, dyes, paints, inks, food preservative (very common)
  • Silk (rare)
  • Hemp products: textiles, canvas, rope, paper, diesel fuel (common)
  • Seaweed products: textiles, gels, adhesives, (common)
  • Asbestos products: insulation, fire retardant, concrete, bricks, roofing, ammonium sulfate as fertilizer
  • Dyes and paints from yak urine, lead, seaweed
  • Cement made from limestone and yak dung
  • Limstone to make chalk and soil additives


Beasts of burden:

  • Yaks (common)
  • Any strong sentient race, e.g. centaurs, minotaur, muls, any humanoid (common)
  • Elephants (also used for riding) (rare to very rare, severely endangered)


  • Rainwater
  • Yak dairy products
  • Barley products: dumplings, herbal bear
  • Polluted seafood
  • Chicken and eggs
  • Hemp-based whiskey
  • Hemp seeds


Vinchopolis Sonja