• Extremely polluted and dense island metropolis
  • Huge unsafe skyscrapers, perpetually crumbling and being repaired. They are always built in a hurry because there is no time to consult or hire proper engineers.
  • Abyssal life conditions: everything is mechanical and routine
  • Polluted canals and sewer system with visquous liquid
  • Island surrounded by extremely treacherous deep seas. Fishers catch measly seafood and die all the time.
  • Air quality constantly horrible, with fog and soot constantly floating in the air
  • History: as long as anyone can remember or find in the record books, it's always been this way

City districts:

  • Corporate District
  • Anarchist District
  • Bureaucratic District
  • No Man's Land (between gang districts and government-controlled districts)
  • Black Market
  • Wharf District
  • there is a district for almost every race and class, e.g. Machinist District, Goblin District, etc.
  • etc.


  • Very similar to the real world
  • Some people believe in gods and various beliefs and superstitions, desperately clinging to anything that can offer hope or the will to go through another day
  • Many, many false prophets and scam artists taking advantage of people
  • Miracles and divine powers are very very rare if they do exist
  • Many feel the gods have forsaken them or deny the existence of gods
  • Hard to prove gods exist
  • No Cleric class
  • Paladin gets her Divine powers from some other source, e.g. ancestor worship, internal energy, whatever



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