Ideas for PC attitudes:

  • Idealist, humanist, anarchist or terrorist trying to fight Babylon and change the social order for the better, fighting corruption, trying to open people's eyes to the truth, etc.
  • Highly creative and overqualified wizard, ranger, etc. stuck in a dead-end clerical government job
  • Person with a high social status trying to make a difference using his priviledge, e.g. Shindler's list
  • Crook, trying to exploit things and play the game to stay on top, part of the rat race
  • Naive person who slowly opens her eyes and begins question society and starts to intuitively feel that something is terribly wrong

New weapons:

  • Primitive firearms (as per crossbows, but pistol (1 handed) does 1d8 and musket (2 handed) does 1d10; on a roll of 1 or 2, an accident happens and the damage is taken by you or an ally)
  • Primitive cannons


  • Extreme diversity, extremely multicultural society, huge mosaic where everyone is a minority and nobody really belongs
  • Any race from the PHB or back of MM is allowed, including Metis
  • Exotic races encouraged (party must not have the same race twice)
  • Contact DM to discuss custom race options

Classes available:

  • Controllers
  • Defenders
    • Fighter (martial)
    • Paladin (divine)
  • Leaders
  • Striker:
    • Ranger (martial)
    • Rogue (martial)
    • Warlock (arcane)

 No clerics in this world!


  • History is renamed to Bureaucracy
  • Heal is renamed to Medicine
  • New skill: Engineering (Int), for making and fixing gadgets, disable trap, underground knowledge checks (class skill for Machinist and anybody who has access to Dungeoneering)
  • New skill: Seafaring (Con), for seamanship, boat knowledge, navigation, sea creature knowledge, etc. (available to Rogue, Warlord, Fighter, Machinist, Rocker)
  • Thievery is renamed to Security and includes ability to understand or intercept flag semaphore messages or doing Semanet searches. It no longer includes Disable Trap (which is now Engineering), but still includes lockpicking, sleight of hand, pick pocket, etc.
  • No Dungeoneering skill. Foraging for food is covered by Nature. Most knowledge checks are covered by Engineering, Streetwise, Seafaring or Bureaucracy depending on the environment. Aberrant monster knowledge is covered by Arcana. Underground lore and mining covered by Engineering.
  • No religion skill. Immortal or Undead monster knowledge is covered by Medicine.
  • Anybody from any class can take Bluff or Streetwise (they are part of everyday survival for many)

Defences (rule change):

  • Players make defence rolls (instead of monsters making an attack roll). Your defence roll modifier is the same but without adding 10. For example instead of having a Will of 15, you'd have a Will of plus 5.


  • Since everything is manufactured in a hurry and in a consumerist culture, it is disposable and is not designed to last. Weapons and armour in the PHB are at 50% price and are called "disposable". However, if ever you roll a 1 on an attack, defence or skill check involving a weapon, armour or tool, it may fall apart and need a full replacement unless an Engineer can fix it.
  • "Durable" weapons and armour are finer quality and costs double the PHB price but does not fall apart like normal disposable gear. It behaves as normal PHB gear.


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