M├ętis Con Artist and Grifter Extraordinaire


Métis Artful Dodger Rogue 1
Str 10; Dex 18; Con 12; Int 10; Wis 10; Cha 18
Feats: 0) Low Light Vision
1) Skill Focus: Bluff

At-Will Piercing Strike, Sly Flourish
Encounter Positioning Strike, (cloud of darkness/darkfire)
Daily Blinding Barrage

Skills: Acrobatics 9, Arcana 0, Athletics 0, Bluff 14, Bureaucracy 0, Diplomacy 4, Endurance 1, Insight 5, Intimidate 4, Machinery 0, Medicine 0,Mining  0, Perception 0, Seafaring 1, Security 9, Stealth 14, Streetwise 9
Languages: Common, Elven

Durable Leather Armour (50 GP)
6 Disposable Daggers (3 GP)
30 Disposable Shuriken (3 gp)
Disposable Thieves' Tools (10 GP)
Fine Clothing (30 GP)


His mother, Taltyrr, fell in love with a Drow by the name of Irrdaer. Unfortunately, he lived up to his name (which means hidden trickster in Drow), and turned out not to be a Drow moneylender after all, but a Doppelganger grifter called Dox. Of course, when the going got tough, Dox disappeared, and left his lover with some meagre savings, some pointed questions from the police, and an infant son. His childhood, as can readily be imagined, was rough.

Between the tenuous living provided by his mother, and his lack of acceptance within any particular social sphere, he had no breaks. Though he looked mostly like a Drow, and his mother raised him as one, his soft features and strange aura of sexlessness meant that he was never quite at home among his peers. He learnt to compensate by manipulating people—so much so, that he jokes of once talking the beard off a dwarf.

Eventually, armed with this ability and the tales his mother told of his father's verve, he joined a band of similar mongrels. This gang, called the Rookery Street Rams, was composed mostly of thieves and led by an orc/bugbear bruiser called Kroog. While not the sharpest knife in the drawer, Kroog eventually realized that Vicaun was wasted as a second storey man, and set him to work on short cons with some promising kids.

Eventually, tired of Kroog's limited imagination and the meagre returns it brought, Vicaun set off on his own. With no-one to hold him back, and no-one taking a cut, his little games improved both in sophistication and in profitability. While he wasn't making enough to be widely known to either the locals or the government, he had regular food, a roof over his head, and all the tools of his trade; plus, he was able to provide for his ageing mother, whom he still held in such high regard that he couldn't admit his true occupation. As far as she knows, Vicaun is an independent importer of spices and herbs, and no more.

One day, some months later, as he was talking a reticent noble into paying him in advance for the fine brandy he would shortly deliver to her door, a gorgeous Tiefling walked up, and offering the same wares. Stunned, Vicaun quickly closed the deal, and took her aside. When she offered to work with him, he was even more stunned. Sensing opportunity, and frustrated by his ability to pull only one-man short cons, he accepted, and they soon set up a crate behind a market stall and milked suckers for all they were worth at 3-card monte.

During their fourth game of the afternoon, a minor earthquake shook the city. While this is usually a minor occurrence, it appeared to affect Vicaun's Tiefling friend deeply. Her features shifted, horns disappearing and face becoming smooth and pale. Her nose disappeared almost entirely, and she (well, it, really) began babbling about scars and fractures. Vicaun was thunderstruck; his partner was a Doppelganger. His first thought was of his unknown father, of whom he'd heard so much. His second though involved rolling in piles of gold pieces aboard a private yacht. A Doppelganger? Why, there is no limit to the scams one can pull if one has a changeling for a partner! From that moment on, he resolved to win his partner's allegiance, and to dream up bigger and better games for the two of them to work.

 If cornered, Vicaun fights viciously with dagger and shuriken.  His long years of streetfighting have left him with a wide repertoire of cheap tricks, most of which involve faking out his opponent, slipping his blade in, and putting as much distance between them as possible.

 Out of combat, he is glib, smug, greedy, charismatic, and totally self-assured.


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