Spire has come to perceive Vinchopolis as a living entity, and has struck a strange bargain with it.


Doppelganger Warlock (City Pact)

STR    13  (+1)
CON    13  (+1)
DEX    10  (0)
INT    15  (+2)
WIS    12  (+1)
CHA    18  (+4)

Max Hit Points    25
Bloodied    12
Surge value    6
Surges/day    7

AC           +4
Fortitude   +1
Reflex      +3
Will          +6

Jack of All Trades

Acrobatics    +2
Arcana        +4
Athletics     +3
Bluff         +11
Bureaucracy   +7
Diplomacy     +6
Endurance     +3
Insight       +8
Intimidate    +6
Medicine      +3
Mining        +3
Perception    +3
Seafaring     +3
Security      +2
Stealth       +2
Streetwise    +9

Change Shape (racial ability)
Brick (a.k.a. Eldritch Blast)
City Lights (a.k.a. Eyebite)
Feel the Crash (a.k.a. Witchfire)
Vertigo's Grip (a.k.a. Curse of the Dark Dream)


Durable leather armour, everburning torch



The city is a powerful force that seems to have a will of its own. Spire claims to have learned to hear the voice of the city. It (the pronoun "it" is the correct form, since Spire is neither a he nor a she) has come to an understanding with Vinchopolis, and Vinchopolis appears to have gifted it with strange powers.

Spire's speech and perceptions are disjointed and unfocused whenever it isn't impersonating someone else. As long as it remains in character, it seems perfectly lucid and in control. But in its natural form (a humanoid creature with smooth, milky-white skin and hair, almost no nose, and shifting splotches of pale colours in its flesh and eyes) it seems to float through space, unable to focus on a person or thought for more than a few moments at a time. 

There is a small but ancient cult in Vinchopolis that shares Spire's belief in the city's quasi-sentience. Vedi, a wise woman of the Cult of the City, has this to say on the subject:

"Understand this, child: the city is a living thing. We are its cells, the buildings are its bones, the hallways are its arteries, the tunnels beneath are its bowels, and the money is its blood. Look about you and see the truth: the blood is clotted, the bones are brittle and splintered, the bowels are blocked and heaving, the veins are pinched, the cells are tired and weak. This city is ill, child. It is terribly sick, and it howls in pain. If you listen to the wind and the voices and the semanet and the coins, you can hear it screaming. To most, it is no more than a beast driven mad, a source of misery and suffering and nothing more. But we know the city, and the city knows us. Though it rages and lashes out, it is possible to bargain with the city, and it gives us gifts in return. But in exhange for those gifts, we must make a choice. This sickness cannot continue. We have a duty to show compassion to our patron. We must either cure what ails it and restore it to health, or we must put it down like a rabid animal."

When Vedi met Spire, she somehow perceived its nature and declared Spire to be a living manifestation of the city's will, and a harbinger of great upheaval. She has issued strange prophecies of the role it will take in the troubled times to come. But will Spire help to heal the city in the end, or will it put the howling city out of its misery for good?

Secret info


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