Pyromaniac Wizard


Gender: Female
Alaignment: Good
Scale Colour: Red
Eye Colour: Amber-yellow
Length: 2'8"
Weight: 8 lbs
Size: small

HP: 22
Bloodied: 11
Surge Value: 5
Surges per day: 7

Initiative: +2
Speed (ground): 6 squares
Speed (flying): 8 squares. Cannot fly while bloodied (falls to ground).

Ability Scores:

  • Str: 8       -1
  • Con: 12   +1
  • Dex: 14   +2
  • Int: 18    +4
  • Wis: 10    0
  • Cha: 14   +2


  • Bite (basic attack) [w]
  • Poison Sting (basic attack) [w]
  • Magic Missle (basic attack) [w]
  • Scorching Burst [w]
  • Burning Hands [e]
  • Acid Arrow [d]


  • Astral Fire (+1 damage to all fire powers)


  • Arcana
  • Bluff
  • Buracracy
  • Insight
  • Stealth

Penrhyn Firewing III is a disgruntled civil servant lost in the bureaucracy of Vinchopolis. An intelligent little pseudodragon wizard, she seeks recognition for her talents, and freedom from the oppressive structured life she grew up with. Penrhyn comes from a long line of burocrats and is constantly pressured by her family to climb the ranks of government workers to insure good standing for her brood and future offspring. Though she has talent in her magical skills, this tom-foolery has been strongly discouraged by her family. There were a few "incidents" in Penrhyn's youth while she was learning to controll her dangerous and rampant fire abilities, which have labelled her a black sheep among her brood. She currently hides her abilities and ambitions from her family and seeks a way to prove herself to them.


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